Masterkeys week 24

this week I did two days of silence on the weekend and this is what I found..
I thoroughly enjoy silence and putting my phone on silent is the best thing!
Not checking emails or facebook or watching YouTube or movies is abit like a holiday in itself, I like my own company a lot, I don’t need music to feel like I’m having a good time or the radio for company and as I have lived alone for years, I don’t even need other people too close around. Next time I’d like to go bush for three days, but in the meanwhile this experience was akin to an indulgent rose petal bath,I didn’t have to do anything but be in it.. maybe it’s the beautiful time of year, the days are cooling but still bright and sunny with big blue skies, I sat outside and watched the bees on the Rosemary flowers, I slowed down..a butcher bird came and visited late afternoons sitting on the washing line and both times he caught a praying mantis. I hung out with the dogs on dog time I was fully present and we lay on the bed and communed. My sits were as long as they were, I ended them when they felt done, sometimes I have rushed my sits to fit it all in but this weekend I had time. What a luxury this silence was


Masterkeys week 22b

My blog is tardy and there is no excuse, I just didn’t get to it and I began to wonder if I’d do it at all, I missed the webinar on Monday, the first one because of daylight savings.. I watched Marks video before iv had a chance to listen to the webinar..I’m one of those people Mark was talking about, I don’t care. Good grief! What happened? All the exercises have slipped, I hate myself for being so ridiculous and ‘rebel without a cause’ but here it is and its interesting what parts of myself are revealed, if I look at the first layer it’s all anger and arrogance and I can’t wait for this to be over, I want my life back these exercises are busting my chops and when I sit with it and go into the anger I begin to cry and what’s revealed is I’m not sure I can do this alone or want to do this alone. It’s a very young me and I’m grateful for the insight and to find the vunderability at last. With that, time to dig very deep indeed

Masterkeys week 22

Taking Initiative is my virtue this week and at first I found it almost impossible to find in myself or others and then it gave way there was an avalanche of initiative right before me.. Just today I have experienced taking the initiative to get out of bed, I’m Dogwalking today and the first pickup is Henry a big black Labrador who knows the sound of my car and takes the initiative to let me know his excited through the door with barks and whines and then through the gate with a big HELLO, his human an elderly lady with dementia and a grizzly attitude today takes the initiative to chat with me at length when I’m collecting and again when I drop him off.. Ditto the guy at the video store is usually aloof and today he takes the initiative by saying Hello and then is friendly and chatty too, that’s big Iv been going there for 7 years! Then I walk down the street and nearly knock a homeless man over in my decision to buy one of his magazines, he doesn’t have to ask, iv taken the initiative and paid him before he can get a magazine out.. I love that he is taking the initiative to make an income for himself and before that that someone took the initiative to hatch the idea and set it in motion to help people, like himself. And then of course it’s obvious that every business on the street is doing just that, every person who smiles at me or someone else and on and on it goes

Masterkeys week 21

It is interesting that Charles Haanel wrote the Master Keys in 1912, over one hundred years ago and he states
That we are in a period of transition is evidenced by the unrest which is everywhere apparent. The complaint of humanity is as a roll of heaven’s artillery, commencing with low and threatening notes and increasing until the sound is sent from cloud to cloud, and the Lightning splits the air and earth.
The sentries who patrol the most advanced outposts of the Industrial, Political and Religious world are calling anxiously to each other. What of the night? The danger and insecurity of the position they occupy and attempt to hold is becoming more apparent every hour. The dawn of a new era necessarily declares that the existing order of things cannot much longer be.
The issue between the old regime and the new, the crux of the social problem, is entirely a question of conviction in the minds of the people as to the nature of the Universe. When they realise that the transcendent force of spirit or mind of the Cosmos is within each individual, it will be possible to frame laws that shall consider the liberties and rights of the many instead of the privileges of the few.
As long as the people regard the cosmic power as a power non human and alien to humanity, so long will it be comparatively easy for a supposed privileged class to rule by Divine right in spite of every protest of social sentiment. The real interest of democracy, is therefore to exalt, emancipate and recognise the divinity of the human spirit. To recognise that all power is from within. That no human being has any more power than any other human being, except such as may willingly be delegated to him. The old regime would have us believe that the law was superior to the law makers; herein is the gist of the social crime of every form of privilege and personal inequality, the institutionalising of the fatalistic doctrine of Divine election.
This period of transition feels like its stretched to its limits, the unrest is palpable, the existing order things cannot much longer be..

Masterkeys Week 20

Multitasking, like busy ness, is the new black. We are admired for how much we can juggle and get done, what movers and shakers we are, with no thought for how this may be impacting our mental and physical health. I am guilty of multitasking while on the phone I wash the dishes, walk the dogs, make and eat lunch but multitasking has burrowed deeper into my life and I am beginning to see that I have a small problem, when it comes to skipping back and forth between phone and iPad looking at emails facebook chat, opening MKMMA alliances, Skype, darting here and there and then this week we are given a study done at Stanford on the hazards of electronic multitasking..before I go any further, I could already feel it scrambling my brain Eek!
So after a number of tests involving students who were electronic multitasking fiends and others who were not the stats are out.. Electronic multitaskers were distracted by everything and are suckers for irrelevancy, no surprises there, we have all been had coffee with someone who cannot put their phone down and scroll Facebook the entire time or had a phone call with someone using their computer, it is a disconnected, vague experience at best. Research showed that there is no gift in electronic multitasking at all, memory was poorer, sorting information was more difficult and concentration was down. I’m taking it back to one thing at a time, remaining as mindful as I can of being present in this moment with myself, slowing down, it’s not a race and I’m better company when im not reeling from scrambled information overload.
PS:this has only happened since doing this course, so in just a few months.

Masterkeys Week 19

I chose well organised for my virtue this week. I see that I’m not bad at it and I probably give myself a harder time than I have to, infact doing MKMMA has made me have to be a lot more organised, I fell behind in the sits and the reads during the first week and it hurt to do that to myself, I didn’t like it, so I have been conscious of being on top of most everything, most of the time.. while still maintaining a life outside of sits and reads. At first it was difficult to see and I searched around looking outside myself for examples, the neighbours washing on the line, I open my cutlery drawer and laugh, my nephew with OCD was here one afternoon and organised it so neatly it would be a shame to disturb the spoons perfect symmetry.
I often do the dishes without realising that I did, I dispense medication to my dog twice a day, sometimes three and I always do it and the medicine is always there, my taxes are up to date, I pay my bills on time..perhaps OCD runs in the family. It’s hot as hell and the ants on the pavement are organising something big, running back and forth in a crazy but well organised formation as is all of nature, the bees.. I recently watched a documentary on bees and their organisation is remarkable, it may look haphazard but it’s not, they all have a job. Some of them go out as scouts to find where the best blossoms are to be found, come back to the hive and draw a map making movements with their bodies whilst all that are going out to gather nectare gather around to watch and learn where they will be heading that day. Marvellous.
I also see that the Universe is well organised, delivering the perfect conditions moment to moment to match what is going on inside me and I am grateful to be so acutely aware of this now.

Masterkeys Week 18

This week we were asked to watch one of two documentaries and write about it.. Or not. The choice was between ‘Finding Joe’ and ‘I Am’ I chose to see ‘I Am’. I watched it twice. Made by a successful movie director, who had an accident that put him out of action and changed the course of his life by inspiring him to take a small camera crew and go in search of significant minds to shed light on the questions “what is wrong with the world?” and “what can we do about it?” What was uncovered ultimately was ” What is right with the world”.
“What is wrong with the world?” We put way too much emphasis on ‘scientific truths’, we are running our world as if it is a machine and we are pieces of a machine, we are raised on the notion of separateness, scarcity and competition and therefore we believe that we are wired up to compete, we believe that wealth and happiness are synonymous and this has caused a mental illness of wanting more than we need, we have become separated from the natural world, we are lonely..
“What is right with the world?” We are far grander than we’ve been told, the heart, not the brain really is the boss of us, we are hard wired for a compassionate response, sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature, we are wired to feel what another feels, we have a mirror Neuron that allows that, when we hear a tale of goodness, like people helping in a disaster and people cooperating for the greater good, we get a tight chest, tears and feel elation caused by endorphins, we are born to be community, nature shows us cooperation and democracy it’s in our DNA. What is right with the world is that LOVE makes it go round